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  • Healthy joints

    Joint pain can occur at any time, no matter our age or physical condition. Most joint pain is the result of excessive unilateral load on our joints over a period of time. This load can be the result of sporting activity, excess weight or from years of repetitive physical labor. You could be in great health, eat right, but begin to experience joint pain simply because you like to work on your garden.

    Healthy joints are the result of synovial fluid constantly lubricating your working joints, and washing away calcium deposits and toxins, just like oil in your car engine. Without it, parts start to grind on each other and eventually seize up.

Your joints have three main components that work together to create fluid pain free motion:
  • Subchondral bone and cartilage;
  • Joint capsule;
  • The synovial membrane, its main role to secrete the hyaluronic acid of the synovial fluid.